7 signs you need a professional sewer cleaning

A Sewer line issue can be your worst nightmare. Sewer backups and leaks can become major problems very swiftly. They become a root cause of slowing down our daily errands. Generally, older sewer lines can collapse because of various intrusions and causes, such as tree root growth, shifting and corrosion of older pipes, etc. A simple sewer cleaning of blockages is frequently a temporary cure for a much more serious issue. Sometimes, just cleaning the pipes can also cause damage or even more serious. When your pipes are too old to salvage, new sewer systems need to be installed to save the day. There are several problems like sewer cleaning, sewer line repair, sewer pipe repair, sewer pipe cleaning, sewer line installation, etc. that might occur and require your immediate attention.

But, how will you identify if you need professional sewer cleaning services or not? Well, here are 7 signs that help you to know if you need a professional sewer cleaning.

1. Slow Drains – If the water is taking too much time to drain, it most possibly means your drain is not clear, may be due to a clog has formed in your pipes. The water in the drains also clogs due to the minute/small particles of food etc. that accumulate together and form a clot. This keeps on collecting until you get it removed from a professional.

2. Regular Clogs – Water backing up in the drain and beginning to fill your sink when the water is running. A plunger might eliminate a drain issue for the particular time, but everyday blockage possibly means you require your drain cleared to give a major clog from developing a permanent stop. If the regularity of clogs is very frequent then you need to get it checked as it may be a root cause for other drain problems as well.

3. Odours – If you observe a foul odour coming from your drain, this might be an indication of rotting pipes. This generally happens when foreign contaminants, including food, soap etc. get jammed inside your pipes, ultimately rotting and originating a strong, foul stink. This is one of the quick indications of drain clogging or blockage as you get to know that the residue in the drains is not getting disposed of and its flow is not smooth.

4.  Irritating Fruit Flies– Fruit flies are really a pain, and they apparently can materialize overnight. If you notice an abrupt increase in the number of fruit flies in your house, they are probably attracted by food waste collecting up in your kitchen drain. They carry germs and can cause diseases as well.

5. Black Ooze in the Shower – So gross! Nobody ever wants any black mess oozing out of the plumbing in the bathroom. This black ooze can be anything like residue, dust, etc. and it the powerhouse of harmful germs and bacteria. Not only it is unhygienic but harmful for your health as well. You need to contact a professional immediately!

6. Basement Water Flooding – A weather-related flood flooding in your basement? Well, you don’t need that. Basement water flooding is another horrifying consequence of water clogging and drainage problems. If your drain isn’t clear, water can back up in your pipes and leading to many problems. 

7. Bubbles & Unusual Noises – Bubbles in the sink without soap is an indication that the drain pipes might not be clear. If you get to listen ‘whooshing’ and ‘whistling’ sounds that means that the water is forcing its way across the numerous substances stuck inside the pipes. These sounds are irritating and indicate that something needs to be checked and fixed. This is not normal behaviour for the fluid movement and indicates that something is definitely blocking its path.

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